Puzzle Alert

Puzzle Alert is a safety system we have designed to allow us to notifiy individuals via text message on their mobile devices in the event that a person with autism goes missing. Other alert systems are too slow and complicated for our community. The Puzzle Alert was designed out of need for a system that can be deployed in minutes, not hours. 

Show Your Support!

Show Your Support!

Order your AUsome Firefighters vs Autism helmet sticker today to help show your support!

Help Make A Difference

Every donation goes directly to support our mission to bring awareness and prevention to the communities in which we serve. Your contribution, while tax deductible, will go to help us spread the word on the risks associated with Autism as well as help to provide protective equipment, educational seminars and materials, or even pool fencing to those in need to help create a barrier between a water hazard and a loved one.

First Responders Fighting for Children with Special Needs

Please join us as we fight to prevent autism-related wandering incidents and deaths.

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48 %
chance a child with autism will wander away from a safe enviornment
91 %
of deaths in children with autism are due to accidental drowning
23 %
of children who died following a wandering incident were in the care of someone other than a parent
50 %
of parents have received advice about wandering prevention from a professional
Puzzle Alerty Safety System (PASS)

Puzzle Alerty Safety System (PASS)

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Taking “AWARENESS” For Granted…

Taking "AWARENESS" for granted...

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